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We create custom landscape design that complements your home and pool area, improves your home’s outdoor experience and fits your lifestyle. From creating depth and dimension around your home and adding visual interest to the surrounding property, to building a landscape that blends your house naturally into its surrounding environment for a truly unified design– we bring over 20 years of landscaping experience to your project.


The right landscape design will do more than just boost your curb appeal. It should add depth and dimension to your property, play up your home’s architectural strengths, create a welcoming atmosphere and make even a newly constructed home look naturally settled within its surrounding environment. We work with you to develop a landscape design that incorporates your style, vision and lifestyle needs while also complementing your home’s architecture and location.

Our landscape designs are often part of an entire outdoor transformation that can also include pools, covered patios, pergolas and outdoor kitchens. We work all of these elements into your landscape design for an easy and natural flow throughout your property. It’s our goal to make your backyard a natural extension of your home, complete with the elegant style, fun and practical functionality that makes a house a home.

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landscapes, landscape design Houston & Chattanooga
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Bring added beauty and security to your home with custom outdoor lighting. We create lighting solutions that accentuate the key architectural elements of your home, complement the landscape design and add practical illumination around the property. We typically create outdoor lighting solutions when landscaping a home as they go hand in hand when creating a beautiful outdoor environment.



We create landscape designs that complement your home and pool area, improve the outdoor experience and fit your lifestyle. We also offer custom outdoor lighting to bring your landscape to life at night.

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