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10 Custom Spa Styles That Steal The Show

A Custom Spa is possibly the most requested design element for new pools. They can serve as an anchor for the entire pool design and are a fantastic way to bring movement, height, style and ambiance to the pool. We also love to use them as a vantage point for enjoying the best views of the house, the backyard or surrounding landscape. On top of all of that, they allow you to enjoy your backyard all year long!

Find Your Serenity, or Your Sense of Fun

When we design spas we often think of the serenity they bring. They force us to slow down, enjoy the moment, and take time out for ourselves. Whether watching the sun come up or soaking away the worries and stresses of the day, they help us to reset and just enjoy being alive. Maybe that sounds like a pretty lofty role to assign to what is essentially a fancy outdoor bathtub, but we find it is true for us and the majority of our customers.

But for every moment of peace and reflection to be enjoyed in a spa, there are a dozen more moments of laughter, chat and clinking glasses. The spa is a social magnet that transends seasons. From small weeknight gatherings to watch the game or catch up with family to the coveted spot in a hopping pool party- the custom spa is always the best seat in the house.

Get Inspired By These Showstopping Custom Spa Designs

If you are considering adding a custom spa to your pool design, or are renovating an outdated pool and spa, we’ve gathered ten of our favorite designs to show you what is possible. There truly is a spa design for every backyard and every style. (And because we have such difficulty choosing our favorites, we’ve thrown in a bonus spa and some extra pics for even more inspiration.)

Enjoy the View

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This raised spa is positioned just perfectly to take advantage of the best view in the backyard. The raised design gives it a better vantage point and allows for a spillover effects that creates an amazing sound and brings movement to the pool below.

Raised spas, sunken spas, infinity spas, swim spas- there are endless options when it comes to creating your perfect backyard space. If you’d like to find out what’s possible for your backyard, send us an email or message us on Facebook to chat with a designer. We offer free in home consultations and a no-obligation custom design and quote!

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