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Special Features are the added touches that will bring your pool design together and make it a place of fun, serenity & comfort. The right special features can completely transform your outdoor space and help you achieve the atmosphere you want to create.

There are three kinds of Special Features that we feel have the largest impact on your custom pool design- Water Features, Fire Features, and Structural Features.


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Whether you’re seeking to create an aquatic zen retreat or a fun tropical adventure, water features will add visual and aesthetic interest as well as an extra element of play. You may already be familiar with more traditional elements like fountains and waterfalls. These can be custom built to fit any style and pool size.

Scuppers are a cutting edge water feature that allow water to flow into the pool area from a pool wall or pillar. They can be ornate and decorative, or sleek and flat- depending on the style of water flow you are looking for.

Caves and Grottos are more extravagant features that create hideaways behind waterfalls or within dug out rock. They can be simple spaces behind a screen of water or large spaces with seating areas, plants, lighting and even media consoles.

Bubblers and deck jets are simple water features that can add a big impact, especially when back-lit. Bubblers are mounted on the surface of the pool in shallow areas. They force a gentle flow of water upwards until it bubbles up out of the water. Children love this water feature and they can provide endless hours of play and fascination. Deck jets are mounted on the the pool deck and arc out over the pool.

And finally, the favorite of children young and old- the water slide. Gone are the days of ugly bright plastic slides. Today’s pool slides are custom built to fit seamlessly into your pool design.

special features, water features
special features, water features
special features, fire features


Nothing sets the tone for an outdoor space quite like an open flame. When choosing fire features for your pool design, consider whether you simply want a lighting feature, or something you can also use. Fireplaces and fire pits offer the comforting warm glow while also creating a space for people to gather around. Some can include special fittings for cooking over the flames if your guests want to go beyond the basic roasted marshmallows. If mood lighting is your main goal, opt for fire bowls or torches. These are mounted on pillars, walls or even within the pool deck to offer a truly impressive, exotic lighting effect. They are often incorporated with a water feature and can also be called water bowls.

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Structural features are additional elements custom built onto the main structure of the pool. Spas, swim-up bars, in-pool seating areas and tanning ledges are just a few structural features that are used to extend the use of the pool area. Rock formations, decorative stone walls, pillars and poolside plant beds are also structural features used to add visual interest and atmosphere to the pool area. Structural features are often combined with water or lighting features to help them blend naturally into the overall pool design.

pool design, special features, structural features
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Explore our portfolio of Special Features that will bring function and beauty to your pool design. See how we've incorporated water, fire and structural features into our previous pool projects.

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