Outdoor Kitchens

& Covered Patios

If you want a backyard design that is an extension of your home, it all starts with a covered patio. A custom covered patio allows you to create an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed all year long. Most homeowners choose to have their covered patio designed with an outdoor kitchen and seating area. This allows them all the luxuries of the home in the fresh air and open space. It's an ideal way to entertain, gather as a family or hide away for some quiet time.

If you're planning a covered patio or outdoor kitchen, you'll find everything you need here to get started. When you're ready, reach out to one of our designers for a quote and design mockup. You'll be surprised by what can be done with your outdoor space!

Enjoy outside all year long.

Planning Your Patio & Outdoor Kitchen

Entertain in style with a custom outdoor kitchen. Our beautiful outdoor kitchens bring a new face to the backyard barbeque with custom cabinetry, beautiful stone and granite, and top of the range appliances. Everything you need for dining al fresco is at your fingertips.

Size & Use

The size and shape of your space will guide your covered patio and outdoor kitchen design. It's also important to envision how you most want to use the space.

Entertaining large groups? Outdoor cooking and dining? Relaxing in front of the game or gathering around a fire? How you see yourself using the space will determine the area(s) and features that should be included in your design.


Where do you have in mind for your new space? Will it be an extension of an existing patio area or will you be adding a patio to a new location?

Not only will this make a difference to the cost, but it will certainly influence the design as well. Is there a view you want to take advantage? Perhaps your patio should have easy access to a pool or overlook a scenic area. You and your designer will want to consider all of these things as you plan your design.



It's important to have a budget in mind when getting started. Your designer will discuss your vision and requirements with you and assess whether or not they fit within your budget.

It will also be helpful to communicate if there is any flexibility with the budget up front. For some homeowners, budget is not an issue. For others there is a firm budget is firmly in place. Your designer will help you achieve your vision within your target budget and timeframe.