Freeform Pool Designs

Naturally Curvy & Fun

If you love tropical retreats and lagoon inspired pools, then a Free Form Pool is probably for you. Freeform pools are ideal for small or unusually shaped spaces and can literally be designed to fit around nature. They resemble natural bodies of water, especially when given a beach style entry and natural rock formations. When coupled with exotic plants and a trickling rock water fall, you'll think you're in a tropical paradise.

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Key Elements of Your Freeform Design

There are three elements that we feel have the largest impact on your Freeform pool design- Entries, Size, and Special Features. Your personal preferences in these areas will guide the free form pool design into a style that is uniquely you.


The free form pool really shines when the design takes advantage of natural style elements. Pool entries are one of our favorite ways to accomplish this.

Beach entries offer a sloped entry into the pool that resembles the shoreline of a beach. Not only is it a beautiful and natural element that adds to the tropical feel of the pool, it is also practical for families with pets, small children or older swimmers who may have trouble with stairs or pool ladders.

It also offers a nice shallow area for playing or tanning, similar to a tanning ledge only with a gentle slope. Some homeowners choose to have umbrella mounts installed flush in the floor of the sloped entry to provide a nice shady spot to relax within the pool.


Many homeowners with small or odd-shaped yards like the freeform pool design for its flexibility. But when planning the size of a free form pool there are few key considerations to make.

If you're planning a small free form pool, it's important to use fewer, more gentle curves. Deep curves in a small pool can constrict the space within the pool and significantly limit the use. It can also create narrow spaces that pose safety risks to swimmers jumping or diving into the pool.

When planning large freeform pools, it can be fun to create pockets of space within the pool with deep curves. Some designs use this method to incorporate inlets for seating areas and grottos. If this is something you'd like to use in your design, keep in mind that a large amount of deep curves in a free form pool could increase construction costs.

Be sure to talk this over with our designer so that you can have clear expectations from the start of your project.

Special Features

As with any design, the special features you choose can distinguish your freeform pool's and give it just the feel you are looking for. Rock formations are a favorite way to add a tropical feel to the pool, especially when combined with a water feature.

Grottos, waterfalls, and water walls create a wonderful soundscape and add an adventurous element to the pool that everyone will enjoy. Other water features that we like for free form pools are slides, bubblers and deck jets.

Fire bowls can add an exotic and inviting touch to the space while structural features like swim up bars, in-pool seating areas, and tanning ledges add to the enjoyment of your pool by offering places to gather and entertain.