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The clean lines and classic elegance of the Geometric Pool Design has become an industry standard that embodies the luxury and opulence of a bygone era. From ornate Grecian and Roman styles to the understated beauty of the sleek and modern designs, geometric pools have many variations. But they all draw on timeless elements and subtle style to achieve a distinguished beauty that would be equally suited for poolside cocktail parties or a solitary swim by moonlight.

There are three elements that we feel have the largest impact on your Geometric design- Zones, Lines, and Special Features. Your personal preferences in these areas will guide the geometric pool design into a style that is uniquely you.


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Modern Geometric Pools often go beyond the basic rectangle to offer different “zones” of use. This can create an interesting design that is both incredibly functional and beautiful. For example, a family that has pets and small children may want a shallow area or tanning ledge while also having a long stretch for pool sports like lap swimming and volleyball. They may also like to have a spa and a deep area for a water slide.

What results is a geometric pool with several offshoots from one central pool area. You still get the clean geometric form without sacrificing on function. It is still possible to create zones within a simple rectangular design, but they will not be so well defined.

geometric pools
geometric pools


Geometric pool lines are clean and most often straight. Dimensions tend to be even and the pool design is typicaly built around a rectangular core. That said, you can use curved lines to add a Grecian or Roman element to the design. Rounded ends are most often associated with the Roman pool design, as pictured here, while inward curves can be used to create a cut-out effect on pool corners and ends for a Grecian style. More modern designs tend to favor simple and straight lines with minimal embellishment.

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As with any design, the special features you choose can distinguish your geometric pool and give it just the feel you are looking for. Classic Roman and Grecian styles can be established by adding stone pillar planters, fountains and ornate scuppers. Modern designs can be punctuated with large fire bowls and back-lit deck jets.

Special features will also have functional uses as well as aesthetic benefits. Waterfalls, slides, spas and bubblers are just a few examples of features that are just as fun as they are beautiful.

geometric pools

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Explore classic style and clean lines of the Geometric Swimming Pool Design. From the traditional Grecian and Roman shapes to sleek and modern, the Geometric swimming pool can suit nearly any style or space.

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