How to Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

I want to make my old swimming pool energy efficient.

This is a message we are receiving more and more as consumers become increasingly aware of their options when it comes to energy consumption and their luxury items like swimming pools and spas. Fortunately some of the industry’s top manufacturers like Pentair are a few steps ahead. They have invested massive amounts of R&D funds into making residential and commercial swimming pools more energy efficient and earth friendly. And when it comes to pool equipment, what’s better for the earth is often better for your wallet as well. While there are many ways you can make your swimming pool for efficient and earth friendly, in this post we will focus primarily on choosing the right pool equipment that reduces the use of water and energy consumption.

Upgrade Your Pool Pump

If you have not upgraded your pool pump since building your pool, you’re probably flushing money down the drain. Pool pump technology in the last five years has totally transformed the amount of money, energy and water required to run your pool. We prefer the Pentair Variable Speed Pumps. because they can produce up to 90% energy savings! Pentair leads the industry in pool technology. They have released some cutting edge products over the last few years and continue to create innovative solutions to improve efficiency in both residential and commercial swEnergy efficient pool, pool remodels houston, pool remodels Katy, pool remodels Cypress, pool remodels The Woodlands, pool remodels Chattanooga, pool remodels Bradley County TNimming pools. They also provide several free calculators to help homeowners determine potential savings, like their Residential Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator.

Choose Energy Efficient Lighting

You’ve probably already been making the switch from incandescent bulbs to LED in your home for energy savings. But have you thought about doing the same in your swimming pool? By choosing energy efficient lighting for your pool, you could be saving $195 per bulb every year in energy costs. Use this savings calculator from Pentair to estimate your potential savings.

Keep Your Pool and Spa Clean

It doesn’t just make for a more attractive and inviting pool, keeping your pool clean will also reduce your energy consumption. By removing debris every morning and emptying skimmer baskets regularly, your pool system won’t have to work as hard. This saves energy while also allowing it to operate more efficiently for cleaner, clearer, and better balanced pool water. Keeping on top of yard maintenance can also help in this. Trim back overhanging branches to reduce the amount of leaves, twigs and other debris that get blown into the pool. Trim back poolside bushes and dead-head flowering plants. Sweep up lawn trimmings and foliage promptly and think twice about planting flowering trees near the pool. They may look beautiful, but small flowering trees like Crape Myrtles can create a constant flow of twigs and tiny flowers into the swimming pool.