7 Stunning Fire Features We LOVE

“The right Backyard Fire Feature can solidify any outdoor design…”

There is nothing like the allure of a crackling fire and flicker of an open flame to draw friends and family around on a summer’s night- or an autumn night for that matter! We love including fire features in our pool and outdoor designs for their social appeal, but they also offer other elements to a backyard that can’t be ignored. Their ability to transform a ho-hum backyard into an exotic tropical retreat. Or the high end sophistication they can bring to a modern pool when combined with water features. No matter what style or aesthetic we are trying to achieve in a design, there’s always a fire feature that can help solidify it. From soothing zen retreat to family fun and adventure- if you’re looking for a backyard transformation you definitely should include a fire feature. Here are seven of our favorites!

Outdoor Fireplaces in a Covered Patio

Cozying up to a fireplace has been a favorite way to pass the hours for hundreds of years. But there’s something even more special about a fireplace when it’s outside. They extend the use of your outdoor space through the colder months. They also create a perfect place for watching the football game with your friends or enjoying a family meal al fresco. From a design perspective, outdoor fireplaces are very easy to customize. Choose stone, brick or tile that complements your overall design. You can also choose from wood burning or gas for convenience!

Outdoor fireplaces can be built within a covered patio area or in an open space. We like how this fireplace creates a strong focal point for this outdoor kitchen and living room combo.

fire features, outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces in an Open Space

Outdoor fireplaces in an open space have a bit of an old world feel to them. They are a nice way to define a seating area within a larger open space. This homeowner wanted an open seating area with a fireplace near the swimming pool. It adds to the social aspect of the pool design as well as the Mediterranean feel.

outdoor fireplace, Mediterranean pool design

Poolside Fire Pits

These custom stone fire pits were built with gas fuel. They’re positioned on the pool deck and create a gathering places near the water. They also look great fired up at night with the fire reflected off the pool surface.

poolside fire pits

Gas Fuelled Fire Pit

This gas fire pit is also placed poolside. It’s so easy to operate- just use the key to turn in on and off. It’s a wonderful way to create instant atmosphere in a matter of seconds!

gas fire pit

Stone Fire Pit with Built In Seating

This stone fire pit creates a natural gathering spot with custom built bench seating. The seating curves around one side of the fire pit looking out onto a swimming pool.

stone fire pit with built in seating area

Fire Bowls

A fire bowl is a gas fuelled mini-fire pit in built into an urn. They are often used as decorative fire features on a pool deck, columns or feature wall. This pool features multiple fire bowls, which create a beautiful flickering reflection on the water at night.

Water Bowl

A water bowl is a fire bowl combined with a water feature. They are typically placed on a pool deck or wall. The effect of flickering firelight against the falling water is mesmerizing.

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(image credit for above image and post featured image: Grand Effects)